Five benefits of working in partnership with a 3PL

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are reaping the rewards of the boom in e-commerce and the growing interest and passion for independent brands, according to Les Flanagan Logistics Services Ltd. 

It argues that at the same time consumer attitudes to service and delivery are rapidly changing and customers are more demanding and expect delivery on their terms. 

It reports that customers want to receive their order quickly and at a time and place of their choosing and E-commerce logistics is becoming delivery led not delivery last. 

But Les Flanagan Logistics Services Ltd believes without the budget or logistics expertise of the big brands they have to work hard to deliver a customer experience that allows them to compete with their larger competitors.

It believes the answer for SMEs is to partner with a Third Party Loigistics company (3PL) who can become an extension of their business and provide best in class logistics solutions. 

It has produced the guide below to help SMEs understand the benefits of 3PLs:

Cutting edge delivery expertise. 3PLs are delivery experts. It’s their job to know, understand and access the best delivery solutions available. Whether its same day, next day, timed, tracked or international 3PLs will have a range of services to suit all. This combined with excellent rates and experience handling paperwork, customs, taxes and duties means an SME working with a 3PL can expect to save time and money while offering their customers a first class service. 

Industry know-how. Many 3PLs specialise in a specific sectors such as toys, healthcare, beauty or chilled & frozen foods for example. Their specialism allows them to amass huge amounts of industry specific expertise and knowledge. Utilising this knowledge 3PLs apply the best industry practices and processes. By tapping into this an SME can focus on growing their brand confident in the knowledge their logistics partner will be able to handle any opportunity and challenge. Safe, secure, suitable storage Long or short term secure storage, bulk movements, pallets, cartons or unit pick. Retail, wholesale or e-commerce direct to consumer, there is a 3PL to suit every business and budget. 

Technology. Exciting developments in IT mean companies can access and track their stock and orders through on-line portals. Batch code traceability, inventory levels, order progress and inventory tracking throughout the supply chain. Most of this technology is available on mobile devices and tablets giving customers instant access anywhere at anytime. All this is are now available at the touch of a button reducing the complicated and time consuming record keeping and administration management that businesses used to have to complete. Peak season capability 3PLs have access to flexible space, resources and manpower. This enables them to react and ramp up quickly to meet seasonal peaks and promotions. 3PLs provide businesses with the ability to fulfil increased volumes at short notice while maintaining delivery excellence.

In a crowded market place 3PLs level the playing field between big brands and SMEs providing smaller businesses with the opportunity to offer cost effective industry leading logistics solutions that deliver exceptional customer service.

Posted by: Les Flanagan Logistics Services Ltd

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