Management & Personal Development


The dream of every organisation is to have every employee working as efficiently and effectively as possible.  In reality this is difficult to achieve.  Courses covered in this section look at how individuals can develop efficient working practices.

Management Development is also a vital area that can get ignored in many businesses.  It is easy to forget that managers have to go through a steep learning curve and without the right training they can find management a very difficult step to take.

The courses in Management Development cover all the key processes and information that a manager will need to harness to be successful. The courses here are suitable for any new manager, any potential manager or those employees who need to harness some more efficient working practices.

Courses in this section:

  • NEW Conflict Management
  • NEW How to hold Difficult Conversations
  • NEW Personal Development
  • NEW Negotiations Skills
  • NEW Managing Change
  • NEW Project Management
  • Managing your Workload
  • Essential Financial Knowledge for Managers
  • Successful Supervisory Management
  • Effective Appraisal and formal interviewing
  • Resilience in the Workplace!
  • Coaching & Developing Others
  • Train the Trainer
  • Team Motivation - in difficult times!


All these courses can be delivered onsite and tailored to your business requirements!

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