Cawleys charge forward with the launch of new business:  ‘Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions’

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Cawleys is delighted to announce the launch of its new business division – ‘Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions’.

The new business is a natural expansion of Cawleys’ hazardous waste department and will specialise in the collection, transportation, dismantling and recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions is one of the very few lithium battery recycling services in the UK and has been developed to meet the growing demand for electrical power, both from electric vehicles and other areas such as machinery. Cawleys has vast experience in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries and has been handling and treating batteries of this type for almost 10 years within its hazardous waste division. Indeed, it already has many high-profile clients, including household automotive brands. This proven expertise in the field means that establishing Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions as its own brand is a natural evolution.

The business will be headed up by lithium specialist Alan Colledge who adopts the position of Technical Director, and Tony Goodman, who becomes the new venture’s Lithium Business Development Consultant. Alongside the expansion, the new business division will also launch with a brand-new state-of-the-art Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions website at The website will showcase the various stages of battery treatment and recycling, inform prospective clients on the services offered, provide valuable insight into electrical power and battery disposal, and highlight the sectors that Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions are currently operating in.

Lithium battery production relies heavily on the mining of raw materials such as cobalt and nickel. These are extremely valuable elements and are not a finite resource, by recycling the lithium batteries that are currently in use, the reliance on mining raw materials is reduced. This provides a sustainable, full-circle solution by reclaiming valuable elements and putting them to good use. This approach is vitally important in a world where protecting the environment is top of the agenda and we predict that demand for battery recycling services will grow exponentially.

Lithium batteries are a known fire risk and dealing with the batteries compliantly at their end of life is a basic health and safety requirement. Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions is one of the first companies to provide a completely regulated service ensuring the safe collection, transportation, storage, dismantling and recycling of lithium batteries.

Commenting on the launch of Lithium Battery Recycling Solution, Alan Colledge, Technical Director – Lithium, said: “It is an honour to be at the forefront of this new business which will lead the way in providing a sustainable and safe solution for the disposal of lithium-ion batteries. This launch involves working with many household names in vehicle and machinery production, as well as research and development. The automotive industry, along with many other with a reliance on electric power will be highly reliant on services such as ours in the very near future and we are delighted to be providing such a unique and vital service.”