Marketing over the Christmas period? We’re here to help!

This is always tricky – people are pre-occupied, busy and waiting to clock off and celebrate with family and friends. Marketing messages are being thrown around all over the place. Christmas marketing exposes you to a new pool of customers and a wider audience base which can result in increased sales and improved customer retention.

Ideas for Christmas marketing include:
  1. Launch A Christmas Email Campaign.

  2. Implement A Christmas Marketing Strategy.

  3. Share Christmas Advertisements.

  4. Share Holiday-Themed Video Content.

  5. Utilize Emotional Messages.

  6. Partner With Influencers.

  7. Host A Social Media Contest.

There is some discussion about when to launch your Christmas marketing campaign, some saying September, some later and some earlier. This can largely depend on your product or service. For example, hairdressers and beauticians may want to start opening their Christmas appointments, late nights and offers in September but a company selling drills may be able to start promotions in October.

You know your clients – speak to them, ask them, engage with them and take on board their feedback, what did you do last year? What are your competitors doing?

After Christmas…

You could create a 12 days of Christmas (25th December to 5th January) marketing campaign. Think of it as an advent calendar. Every day over the 12 days following Christmas, a new, intriguing deal or piece of content will be unveiled.

It also doesn’t always have to be a hard sell – people appreciate humour (where appropriate) and after all it is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!
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