Brothers praise ‘rewarding’ Fit Cobblers project

Two brothers who took part in our 12-week health and wellbeing programme have lost almost 14 kilograms (30.8lbs) between them.
Paul and John Farrow said the scheme run by Northampton Town Community Trust was “hard, but really rewarding”.

The Fit Cobblers project offered men aged 35-65 with a high BMI a chance to learn about nutrition and undertake an hour of circuit training every week. Course leader Akshay Mistry said it was a “great journey” for the participants.

Mr Mistry said that a total of 12 men completed the latest edition of the scheme and that he could sense “they feel a lot more confident about themselves” as a result. The course, which held sessions at Sixfields Stadium, is provided free of charge and is funded by Public Health Northamptonshire, the EFL Trust and Sport England.

A total of 12 men completed the latest edition of the fitness and wellbeing course, Paul, 36, lost seven kilos (15.4lbs), while John lost “just under” seven kilos. He said he saw Fit Cobblers advertised on social media and said it was “perfect” as a “vehicle to help me get fitter.”

“It was quite interesting, we were both bigger than we want to. I saw the advert on Twitter and I’d already signed up. It seemed like the perfect thing.”

John, 40, said attending had made him take “accountability” for his fitness, “knowing you have to answer to yourself every week.”

The brothers said they had “targets moving forward” and had set up a walking group with the other men on the scheme to continue their group activity going forwards.