Tendering for Local Authority, Public and Private Sector contracts

Probably the best way for your business to access tender opportunities with public sector procurers across the borough of Milton Keynes is to
look at the Milton Keynes e-tendering portal.

Milton Keynes e-tendering portal In-tend publishes all current opportunities. In-tend enables suppliers to attach themselves to any of the council’s projects and express an interest without being an approved supplier. To view all current contracts please visit MKC Contract Register.

Source Northamptonshire brands itself as “the first point of call for companies searching for contract opportunities with Local Government in Northamptonshire”. This is the website to visit for information on new contract opportunities in Northamptonshire, and a list of recurring contracts which you may be able to bid for in future.

Tendering for Public Sector Contracts provides you with the resources to search for opportunities to sell goods or services to the public sector through the Digital Marketplace and the Contracts Finder

Tenders Electronic Daily (Ted) is the online version of the ‘Supplement to the Official Journal’ of the EU, dedicated to European public procurement.

What is CompeteFor?

Following CompeteFor’s successful use by the London 2012 Games authorities and their supply chains, the service continues to be used in the supply chain of major capital infrastructure projects, such as Crossrail.

CompeteFor is a free service that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to major public and private sector buying organisations.

CompeteFor strives to be the national supply chain development service, matching buyers and suppliers. It focuses on opportunities in the supply chains of major capital infrastructure projects. CompeteFor has introduced a number of optional upgrades to further support buyers and suppliers.

Businesses encouraged to take advantage of HS2
through procurement opportunities

The company responsible for developing and promoting the UK’s new high speed rail network HS2 ‘An Engine for Growth’ have published a Contract Opportunities Table
Businesses are encouraged to visit the table, which provides an overview of contracts that have been awarded, including their status.

HS2 ‘An Engine for Growth’ will create 351 miles of new track linking London to Birmingham and Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds.

Construction is set to commence in 2017, with phase one of the project opening in 2026 and phase 2 in 2033. With a budget of £42.6bn over 20 years including £14.4bn of contingency.

In addition, HS2 will support over 100,000 jobs with estimates as high as 400,000 – with 70% of these jobs expected to be created outside of London.

During the life of the project, HS2 is committed to providing a high level of transparency for business opportunities.

The Contract Opportunities Table allows businesses to find contact details for suppliers who have been invited to tender for, or have been awarded contracts with HS2.

Businesses seeking opportunities to become part of the HS2 supply chain will be able to engage early with HS2’s direct contractors and prepare for the likely indirect opportunities each contract will provide.

HS2 will be regularly updating this page of their website and we therefore encourage interested businesses to revisit it regularly.

For further details please ring
01908 547820 or email policy@chambermk.co.uk

Northamptonshire Business Awards 2023!

The Northamptonshire Business Awards recognise and celebrate the very best in Northamptonshire business.

On Thursday 23rd November 2023 we revealed the winners of the Northamptonshire Business Awards 2023, headline sponsored by Wilson Browne Solicitors! Make sure you check out our highlight video and find out this year’s winners here.