Enhance Your Employees’ Mental Wellbeing with Haus of HR

Is your business actively working towards improving the mental health of your employees?

If not, there’s no better time to initiate a plan, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Prioritising the mental wellbeing of your employees is no longer just a good intention; it’s a crucial aspect of business success.

Studies show that one in six British workers is affected by mental health issues, making it the leading cause of sickness absence and costing UK employers an astonishing £33 billion to £44 billion annually.

These figures highlight the urgency of addressing mental health in the workplace.

Recognising the significance of this matter, the government commissioned an independent review known as “Thriving at Work.” Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, formulated the Thriving at Work Mental Health Standards, outlining six core standards for employers based on best practices and available evidence.

Given the substantial nature of this report, we understand the need for a concise overview. Therefore, we have summarised core standard one for your convenience, providing you with an excellent starting point to enhance your employees’ mental health.

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