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Online 8 week Mindfulness for Life course

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Online 8 week Mindfulness for Life course

We are delighted to offer an online 8 week Mindfulness for Life course. Learning mindfulness can bring many benefits (including, for instance, reductions in depression and anxiety), however it also leads to greater wellbeing. Attendees will need to commit to practice for 15-45 minutes every day.

Course Starts: 5th October 2020

Timings: Every Monday 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Last session: 23 November 2020

Fee: £125 plus VAT per person

The 8 week Mindfulness for Life course:

Session 1 – Discovering the Present Moment
Session 2 – Everything is Mindfulness
Session 3 – Discovering Embodiment
Session 4 – Learning Acceptance
Session 5 – Self-compassion
Session 6 – Nourishing Happiness
Session 7 – Letting Go
Session 8 – A Mindful Life

To book, call Kay on 01604 810801 or email kay@thedevco.com

We also facilitate online in-company sessions, and retreats.