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Free survey – find out why your employees stay

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Free survey - find out why your employees stay

Recent research has identified ten ‘stay factors’ that contribute to an employee’s decision to stay in their current jobs. Assessing the strength of your company’s stay factors should be an integral part of any employee retention strategy.

Why not access a free new on-demand survey which will enable you to swiftly assess the strength of the stay factors within your company, allowing you to identify aspects of the employee experience that motivate people to stay, as well as any that may be impelling people to consider leaving.

This new survey gathers feedback and perspective from employees on the factors found most likely to influence people to stay with their employer.

The survey concentrates on 4 areas:
• Job design
• Learning & Development
• Culture & Purpose
• The employee’s personal experience

Improving your company’s stay factors does more than bolster employee retention. Creating the work environment and conditions that people truly value and are reluctant to leave improves employee job satisfaction engagement and motivation – all of which combine to improve business performance.

To find out for free how strong your company’s stay factors are contact us at info@hausofhr.com.

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