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The DET qualification is changing, what does it mean for you?

In September 2024, the much-respected Diploma in Education and Training will no longer be offered to new learners and its replacement, the DiT, is a more challenging qualification.

Core changes are:

  • The current DET consists of 7 units to complete the qualification whereas the DiT has 11 mandatory units.
  • 100 hours of teaching practice is required for the DET, however, the new DiT will require a minimum of 150 hours.
  • Placements in the current DET can be in one location but for the DiT, placements must be in at least 2 different settings.
  • The DiT requires a minimum of 10 observations, as opposed to a minimum of 8 on the DET.

If you are looking at taking the next steps on your teaching career ladder and gaining your DET, book now!

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