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DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Online Training an Assessment Member Offer Price of £4.00 per person

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DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Online Training an Assessment Member Offer Price of £4.00 per person

If you have employees working at home – and at the moment many of our teams are in that position – it’s important to remember that you as employers still have responsibility for supporting them with their health and safety. So how do you provide the best care for your homeworkers?
Whether the employees’ homeworking agreement is permanent or temporary, or you have staff working within the office employers must ensure the right training has been provided and information is available to support workstation set up. Once that setup has been arranged, an assessment will be required – this may be done by the employee themselves via an online assessment.

DSE Training is a legal requirement for anyone who regularly uses display screen equipment. Our DSE Training helps you work towards compliance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. Whatever the type or size of your company, all your employees who sit at a computer for any part of their working day should have Display Screen Equipment training. This course has been designed to increase safety and awareness and to aid compliance with workplace regulations. This DSE training programme ensures that your employees understand how best to take care of their health by ensuring that their immediate working environment is the best it can be.

If you are unsure how to manage these expectations, please talk to us. At Crystal Clear Compliance we provide Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Training and Assessments for those working at home or within the office.

To talk to us about this offer and how we can help you contact us at lwalsh@crystalclearcompliance.co.uk, we’d be happy to talk.