Driving Diversity Through Recognising Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias can significantly impact decision-making, workplace culture, and diversity. This interactive workshop aims to raise awareness of unconscious biases and equip participants with practical strategies to foster a fair and positive work environment. Whether you’re hiring for new roles, managing internal moves, or nurturing early-career talent, understanding bias is essential.

Recognising Unconscious Bias training is aimed at businesses and staff involved in the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition process; weather for New Roles, Internal moves or Early Careers plus anyone involved in the day-to-day management of people.
Over the course of 3 hours, this non accredited programme will you the opportunity to delve a little deeper when it comes to:

  • Understanding the different Unconscious Bias Types
  • Recognising our own Biases
  • Creating a fair and positive approach in our everyday lives
  • Tips on how to challenge Unconscious Bias in others
  • Linking emotional intelligence to Unconscious Bias

The session is filled with interactive activities, breakout session, group discussions (but no role play!)

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