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Are your employees engaged?

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Are your employees engaged?

Disengaged employees cost UK businesses £70 billion per year, hitting businesses in a number of ways:

❌ Increased employee turnover
❌ Higher rate of absenteeism
❌ Poor new employee retention
❌ Less productivity
❌ Lower profitability

At Haus of HR we offer a range of Employee Engagement services to ensure you have motivated and committed employees.

In a period of rapid change, fear and uncertainty there are a multitude of insights a business owner can gain from prioritising employee engagement.

Start with our complimentary employee engagement assessment, enabling you to:

✅ Get employee feedback, providing immediate insights
✅ Know where to focus your efforts, creating an action plan to push your business forward
✅ Retain your best talent and resolve people problems
✅ Empower your team to grow your business

To find out more contact us in one of the following ways:

Email: info@hausofhr.com
Phone: 01604 261380
Visit https://hausofhr.com