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7 Key Successes – Free Webinar Series – Business Support

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7 Key Successes - Free Webinar Series - Business Support

HR Solutions invite you to join us for this 7-part series of business support webinars which are part of the Interactive Accelerator Program (IAP). The IAP Program and its co-founder, Joe Sword, Head of Strategic Planning at Nordens, will guide you through ‘7 key successes’ on how to achieve a positive attitude in both business and in life; as well as analysing ways to maximise your profit, potential and credentials.

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There are seven key successes in this webinar series, which will be covered on each consecutive Wednesday morning from 11am to 12pm as follows:

Vision and Goals – 21 April
Sales and Marketing – 28 April
Mindset – 5 May
Cashflow – 12 May
Systems and Processes – 19 May
Profitability – 26 May
Team and Culture – 2 June