3 Months FOC Printing

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3 Months Free Printing

Attention Chambers comrades of Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes!

Are you feeling shackled by your current photocopier contract?

Is your once shiny office equipment now just a glorified paperweight? Fear not! Syncro is swooping in to save the day with 3 months printing FOC!

If you’re nodding furiously because your needs have evolved faster than your office tech since you’ve ditched the home office slippers, it’s time to give Syncro a shout.

Ring us at 0300 124 0975 or send a signal to hello@syncro-group.co.uk (don’t forget to mention ‘Chamber’ for the VIP treatment).

And because we love our Chamber family so much, check out these other heroic offers:

  • FREE Contract Review
  • Super 10% off Home Worker Devices
  • Ultra-flexible rolling 30-day agreements, and a stash of New and Renewed Devices.

Suit up; savings await!

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