ylo creates new Business Partnership with EV specialist Monta

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Two electric vehicle (EV) companies have announced a new partnership aimed at enhancing the installation process for charge points across the UK. EV charging platform, Monta, and EV charge point supplier, ylo, have teamed up to streamline EV installations for businesses looking to install their own charge points. ylo will use Monta software exclusively for all its charge point installations, which offers features such as reserved charging, virtual queueing, and energy load balancing.

The two companies say that commercial EV charge points are an important yet currently untapped market, and an area that could help open up new revenue opportunities for businesses while improving the UK’s infrastructure.

“Although the number of charge points have increased over the past few years, it simply isn’t moving fast enough to keep up with the pace of EV sales, which are currently skyrocketing,” said Alok Dubey, UK Country Manager at Monta. “We believe there’s a real gap in the market for UK businesses to start offering EV chargers, which is why we’ve partnered with ylo to provide a service that simplifies and manages the entire process.”

The UK government recently extended the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) throughout 2022 and expanded it to provide more support for small businesses, with up to £15,000 available per building towards the cost of installing charge points. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2022-2032.

“The B2B market is a multi-million pound opportunity, but many business owners are put off by the EV installation process or simply don’t know what’s available to them. By working with ylo, we’re aiming to make the installation and management of EV chargers as simple and easy as possible.” Dubey concludes.

Lee Wallis, Owner of ylo, said: “Our primary aim is to make the overall cost of having a charge point installed cheaper, by allowing any EV charge point that we install to become a smart charger. This enables the business to make money from their charger by offering it to the public – a worthwhile investment for businesses and the planet.”

By partnering with Monta, ylo says it is initially aiming to install or upgrade at least 75 of its corporate chargers per month by the end of 2022. Based in Northamptonshire, ylo provide a range of connectivity solutions to small businesses across the county and beyond, including the supply, installation and maintenance of EV Chargers. Available as a web-based app, Monta connects business owners with manufacturers and installers to help provide EV charge points. Manufacturers can use the app to find businesses interested in installing charge points, while business owners can track energy consumption, usage, and costs in real-time.

About Monta

Monta is an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform that is looking to revolutionise EV charge point infrastructure across Europe. By providing an EV charging app for car owners and a management system for charge point owners, Monta connects drivers, site owners and charge installers to supercharge electric vehicles and create an open, accessible network of charge point infrastructure. The Monta software allows any company, organisation, and public entity with available sites and space to view, manage and set up charge points for employees, guests, and public EV drivers. Charge point owners can then manage users, power usage, pricing, access and transactions through the Monta app. Through peer-to-peer charging, homeowners can share their chargers with a community of EV drivers as a source of additional income while helping save the planet. By connecting personal EV chargers to the Monta app, private charge point owners can view their charging history, manage access to the charge point, and set their own pricing and usage.

About ylo

ylo is a connectivity specialist based in Northamptonshire, offering a range of solutions in EV, Energy and Broadband for businesses across the county. Our Sales Team works closely with our installation team to ensure the best products and solutions are provided to our customers, while offering industry-leading after sales support, including maintenance, software support and upgrade rollouts. The electric vehicle market is growing year-on-year, and ylo and our partners are at the forefront of this change, and constantly improving our offering to best suit the needs of our customers.