We’ve had a major refit! Check out our fresh new look.

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We’ve been working hard to refit the shop to suit our fresh new vibe.

Our new look really highlights our brand and the hard work we put into running Right Vape. We realised that we’ve been going for 5 years and the shop needed a new lick of paint. In those 5 years, we’ve honed in our expertise and how we work. This includes creating a set of standards and consultation procedures that really work for us and our customers. We wanted our shop fit to reflect that in a fun and engaging way.. 

Here’s a scenario – When a new customer comes through the door, we don’t like to just sell a kit or a product off the shelf that might not suit them or their lifestyle. We start off by assessing a smoker, or vaper’s needs based on how much they currently smoke. This step includes a Carbon Monoxide Monitoring breath test (not as scary as it sounds!)

This examination will offer us insight into what strength and types of liquids would be best suited for the customer. It might be confusing but we’ve created an educational space that eliminates that confusion throughout the shop. As a smoker, you may have experienced coughing whilst smoking, here we would recommend a liquid that has a smoother throat-hit. Some could even be more of a ‘leisure liquid’ where some may use it for flavour or fun, similarly to how shisha is used. This kind of ‘leisure liquid’ may not be best suited for a heavy smoker.

Incorporating these informative tools into our design, helps us as professionals to educate our clients as to what we feel is best suited to them. We also wanted to include sections that are more focused around vaping products and the vaping industry into our designs. The aim is to teach, to dispel myths and misconceptions around vaping, especially vaping as a means to stop smoking. In order to advise customers in an informative and accurate manner, we make sure to use guidance from credible organisations including NHS, Cancer Research UK and ASH (Action on Smoking and Health).

It doesn’t just stop there! We’ve only gone all fancy and tech savvy and introduced NFC (Near Field Communication) tags into our shop designs. NFC tags can be scanned with your smartphone, which then leads you directly to the online sources of the information we provide for you to fact check. For those who are inquisitive, there are many means for you to get more information both in store and in your own time. Our ultimate aim is knowledge and harm reduction, in order to achieve this we need to inform and offer guidance to our customers on their vaping journey. Every product that we sell is to aid those trying to stop smoking or switch over from tobacco usage.

‘What’s with the ducks?!’ We hear you ask, great question. Ducks are an integral part of our branding and you’ll see our duck mascot across our store. The significance of the ducks is the notion of support and togetherness. This is what we do with our customers, similarly to ducks who stick together and guide one another which ensures their success. It simply wouldn’t be our style to just sell a vape kit and wave that customer out of the door. Before they even purchase the product it is important they’re informed of how to use it safely, risks and benefits. With all of this information at their fingertips their choice to be smoke free will last as long as possible. For some people this could be forever, for others it could be until they have had enough support to leave behind nicotine, all scenarios and lifestyles are considered. We’re aware the information we provide can be quite daunting. We try to deliver it in a more colourful and lighthearted format, without taking away from the seriousness of our message.

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