Wear resistance at the push of a button: New igus polymer coating tool simplifies selecting coatings

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Have high wear components
coated with the online iglidur Coating Designer in just three steps, plus cost
and delivery is calculated before you buy.

Functional surface coatings are
an integral part of industrial life, keeping moving parts from wearing. With
the iglidur coating materials from igus, heavily stressed components can be
further protected against wear. The lubrication-free, powder-based coatings
serve as a friction-optimised surface for electrically conductive components,
extending the service life of these components. the iglidur Coating Designer is
a new online tool that makes the selection of the right coating even easier and

Selecting the best
and the most cost-effective solution is now easier than ever. igus supports
this goal with its constantly growing range of configuration and service life
calculation tools. The latest addition is the iglidur Coating

can have their individual component coated using the tool in three simple
steps. Simply drag and drop a CAD model into the online tool, using file
formats .stp, .step or .stl. Secondly, the coating material is selected from six
different iglidur coating powders, the performance of which can be compared
directly in the tool. Next, all you have to do is specify
the desired layer thickness, and the tool does the
rest by itself, and it calculates the price and delivery
time automatically. In addition, how the coated component looks like at the end
is displayed in the tool. A simple click downloads the corresponding data
sheet. In the last step, you can review the shopping cart, forward it to the
authorised purchaser or other parties involved in the design or procurement
process, or order immediately.

Simple, easy, and versatile

Like all iglidur materials, these coating materials are tribologically optimised and thus offer excellent friction and wear values. Metallic surfaces are protected against abrasion by other friction agents and scratching – without any additional components. This reduces the complexity of the application. The iglidur coating powders can be applied to almost any surface, so they also solve wear problems in places where no classic plain bearings can be installed due to undercuts or small installation spaces. Examples include valves, hinges and baffles.

The six available surface coatings are suitable for a wide range of applications, for example, for use in high temperatures or in the food industry. The stand out feature is that all iglidur coating materials do not require any additional lubrication, because integrated solid lubricants always ensure the lowest possible friction. “iglidur Coating serves as a wear layer with which customers can protect their component and thus significantly extend the service life of their application,” says Rob Dumayne, drytech® director at igus UK. “Tests in our in-house laboratory show that our polymer coatings are up to 10 times more wear-resistant than PTFE coatings.”

If you prefer to coat yourself, you can also order the iglidur coating powders directly in the igus online shop.