We are collaborating with Tree-Nation!

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We are glad to announce that we’re currently partnering with Tree-Nation to support the global tree-planting charity in its mission to reforest the world. This means that we will plant a tree for every product that you order on our website, helping to offset our carbon footprint.

Our environmental commitments

By cooperating with Tree-Nation we can compensate for our team’s carbon footprint and CO2 emissions produced whilst running our business. We can monitor our environmental impacts by tracking our CO2 offset via our virtual company forest.

We believe that we must play a role in fighting climate change and ensure that we take care of our environment. With Tree-Nation we will not only plant trees that will improve various issues associated with the environment, but also restore soil fertility to medicinal and fruit-bearing trees to provide health aid and increase global food resources.

Apricot tree

“The loss of national forests around the world has a greater impact on global greenhouse emissions than the entire transport sector”

What will this mean for you?

An action as simple as tree planting holds many benefits environmentally and can create better social conditions for the world that we live in. Some of these include improving mental health, producing food for destitute people situated in some tropical and subtropical areas, and providing more resources for pharmaceutical industries.

When you order your products from us online, you’ll get the opportunity to plant trees and help improve the global climate, purify water, provide homes for various wildlife, and plenty more.

Discover more ways you can benefit from planting trees here.

“It is estimated that 1 acre of trees can provide the oxygen requirements, of 12 people, for a year.” 

Tree sapling

How It Works

  • Order a product from our online shop.
  • Choose to either plant your tree or allow us to plant one.
  • Virtually plant your tree to help offset CO2 emissions.
  • Have your tree planted in one of Tree Nation’s global plantation projects.

About Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation is a non-profit tree-planting organisation that’s planted more than 8,000,000 trees worldwide since 2006. The tree-planting organisation uses technology to make tree planting easier. Evident via Tree-Nation’s more than 4000 company associates and 50 reforestation projects, Tree-Nation continues to get closer to achieving their mission to reforest the world and fight climate change.

You can find out more about Tree-Nation by clicking here, or you can see some of the work they do in this video.

Tree sapling

Simply purchase our products via our shop to plant your tree today. If you place an order before 3pm we’ll dispatch your order on the same day!