Using Events to Boost Retention

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Keeping good people on board is key to ongoing business growth and success. So, HR professionals are looking for increasingly creative ways to navigate an ongoing climate of staff and skills shortages. And, according to Sarah Threlfall, MD of BrightSpace Events, they’re coming up with some exciting ways to ramp up their staff engagement and retention efforts.

“Businesses are putting more time and resources in to ensuring that their people feel valued”, Sarah explains. “And, what better way than events for bringing people together and boosting staff morale?

“After all, events have been used for a long time as a way of encouraging client retention. And now they’re being used more and more as a staff retention tool.”

And Sarah points out that there’s something to help all businesses to make meaningful connections with their employees, regardless of employee demographics and budget.

“A young entry level team will appreciate a night at the Escape Rooms or cocktail making at Revolution”, Sarah continues. “Whereas, a ‘money can’t buy’ experience, like a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, might be more effective for firing up a senior sales team. Additionally, the traditional awards dinner dance at a glitzy hotel or venue continues to be wildly popular amongst many companies.”

Speak to Sarah Threlfall or Emily Higham at BrightSpace Events for event ideas to deepen employee loyalty.