University joins Beat the Street health and exercise scheme

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The University of Northampton (UON) has joined a new scheme to help people have a fun way to spring into physical action following the pandemic.

Beat the Street is a walking, cycling, and running game anyone can play if they are looking to beat post-lockdown fatigue or have an extra, motivational addition to their existing exercise routines.

The scheme – which is running until Wednesday 3 November – is played outdoors and participants score points and win prizes by walking, cycling, or running and swiping a card at contactless ‘Beat Boxes’ placed on lampposts across the town.

UON’s Beat Box (pictured below) is located on the lamppost opposite the Senate Building, on the corner of University Drive and Pavilion Walk.

There are prizes on offer for individuals and teams*, whether from schools or community groups and workplaces. Schools can win prizes of up to £300 of sport or book vouchers; community teams will be eligible to win up to £300 worth of sports and fitness vouchers.

Players are also in with a chance of winning a ‘Lucky Box’ prize by swiping their card at one of the ‘Beat Boxes’ throughout the game. They can pick up their card and map of the Beat the Street route from the University’s Senate reception.

After joining the scheme, registrants can also receive a weekly newsletter with hints and tips throughout the game and information about bonus points.

*Staff and students who are interested in joining the University of Northampton community team – as well as people who live nearby and want to join in and support UON – can do so as soon as they have registered (there is a ‘drop-down’ option for UON to select).

Rachel Love, Physiotherapy Programme Lead, has joined the scheme. She said: “The physical health and wellbeing of my family is very important to me. But with the sometimes-hectic pace of modern life, it can be difficult to always prioritise it as I’d like to.

“Beat the Street is a fun way to engage all the family, promote active travel and encourage you to make time for increased physical activity during your day and it’s right on my workplace doorstep.”