Trailblazing Tamzin showcases her skills in new role

A trailblazing new recruit at Wills Consultants has wowed the company with her initiative, ambition and people skills, placing a candidate within weeks of starting despite having no previous industry experience.

Tamzin Reed joined the award-winning recruitment consultancy less than a year ago and immediately impressed her new employer with her tenacity and drive.

In the first quarter of her new career, Tamzin was arranging interviews for potential candidates and quickly filled her first role.

The junior recruitment consultant eagerly learned the processes at the Kettering-based firm, taking time to understand client requirements and the importance of company culture.

Co-owner and director Nikki Wills said: “Tamzin just got stuck in! From the beginning, she listened and made copious amounts of notes at all her training sessions, asking common sense questions.

“Since then, Tamzin has developed into a brilliant consultant, a valued member of the team, and an innovative contributor to our business development and marketing plans.

“She has an amazing work ethic and can be trusted just to get on with the job. If she doesn’t know something she will ask or research then check its correct. We’ve been so impressed by her work and look forward to seeing her career develop.”

Tamzin, who previously worked for almost 10 years in retail, said that she has enjoyed a new challenge and though she was made redundant in her former role as a store manager, the move has proven to be the right one.

“If I hadn’t been made redundant, I would probably have never left,” said the 29-year-old. “There was no plan of where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do but I knew I needed more structure, routine and consistency rather than rotas and shifts.

“I’m very happy at Wills Consultants. They’ve dedicated a lot of time to extensively training me, giving me the tools to do the job. I’ve had guidance and praise throughout and that’s how I’ve been able to deliver results.”

Tamzin now accompanies the team on site visits, attends recruitment exhibitions, and was part of the Wills Consultants team that won the SME Northamptonshire Business Award last year.

She is a willing contributor to social media posts and learns quickly.

Nikki added: “Tamzin is caring, funny, feisty, and always happy to learn. She’s a joy to have around.”

Tamzin has enjoyed the improved work/life balance that the new role has brought to her life and has already added to her skill set.

She said: “The main thing I’ve learned is that this industry is about building relationships and having a good memory! It is important to make yourself consistent in those relationships and build a strong network. I’ve also learned that people are so unpredictable. They might have had a really good interview and then completely changed their mind about a role. Nothing is guaranteed.

“My communication skills are a lot better, as I’ve learned how to actively listen and understand what people want. It means you are wholly invested in a role and in the candidate. Delivering the offer is my favourite part. Making that call and saying congratulations, you’ve got the job, gives you the privilege of putting people where they want to be.

“I like progression so going forward I’d like to develop my sales skills so I can grow and bring in more business to Wills Consultants.”

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