The way we talk about Dying Matters

Cransley Hospice Trust is encouraging people in our community to get talking about death, dying and grief in whatever way, shape or form works for them for Dying Matters Awareness Week (6 -12 May 2024).

The national campaign works to open up conversations around death and dying. This
year’s theme focuses on the language that we use, and the conversations we have, around death and dying with healthcare professionals.

Ruby Wroe, Senior Communications and Engagement Officer at Hospice UK said: “Honest, timely discussions about death and dying are so important, they can transform the end of someone’s life and give family and friends clarity over what to expect. This Dying Matters Awareness Week, we’re starting conversations about the language we use to talk about death and dying, and why it matters.

“Whether it’s with healthcare professionals, family, friends, or colleagues, we’re encouraging everyone to have these important conversations and to think about the words we use to have them. We hope that speaking honestly about death means that people get the information and support they need when they need it.”

Cransley Hospice Trust volunteer and Deputy Chair of Trustees, Ros Doherty recently shared her own personal experience and wisdom, talking on the Living with Dying Podcast hosted by Dilys Morgan, talking about how she began to rebuild her life after the sudden death of her husband Vince, bereavement and how we talk about death and dying.  To listen to Ros’s experience use the link:

For more information about Dying Matters Awareness Week and events happening around the country visit,