The Disability Resource Centre are taking part in The Eden Project Communities with The Big Coronation Lunch

Member News

The Disability Resource Centre are taking their first steps into the new financial year bigger and better than ever! 

Our biggest news yet! We are taking part in the Eden Project Communities ‘The Big Coronation Lunch’ and you are invited to join us.

Come and join us between 10am and 3pm at our centre in Dunstable on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 to celebrate King Charles’s Coronation for tea, coffee, and the all-important ‘Will and Cakes!”.

The event if free and there will be food and drink available on a first come, first serve basis. The event is run by staff and our much valued volunteers, who really keep us in check!  We have also provided training for all staff and volunteers to ensure their Allergy and Intolerance & Food Safety L2 have all been completed in preparation for our exciting year and adventures ahead. 

We welcome you all to visit our centre in Dunstable to learn more about what we have to offer, give us a shout out and follow on social media! 

Thank you all so much, 

Chelsea Smith (Engagement Officer @ DRC)