The CPD Group have been awarded Best Professional Development & Trainer Accreditation Organisation 2022!

Member News

Founded in 2017, The CPD Group has become the fastest growing CPD accreditation service in the UK thanks to their simple, straightforward processes and their mission to raise CPD standards across the world. The CPD Group’s vision is to encourage and promote high-quality educational opportunities, supporting professional, personal, and social development.

The CPD Group have applied robust processes across all of their accreditation services, including their CPD Activities, Individual Trainer Accreditation and Provider Accreditation for individuals and organisations delivering high quality CPD activities. Their A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Frameworks have been designed and introduced across each of their accreditation routes, ensuring high standards are met across a variety of criteria before accreditation is offered. This is unique in the current CPD Accreditation marketplace and has been overseen by their Advisory Panel of independent experts from a variety of specialisms. Together, the Advisory Panel have many years of experience in continued professional development to ensure that The CPD Group operate at the highest level whilst supporting their mission to raise the bar of CPD Accreditation. The CPD Groups Accreditation and Compliance Team carefully map the framework against accreditation applications to ensure that they meet and exceed the required standards of CPD.

The CPD Group believe it is important to ensure that each and every activity accredited is of the highest quality. This is why they do not undertake the concerning ‘blanket accreditation’ approach demonstrated by other accreditation bodies who accredit and approve hundreds of courses based on a sample of as little as two activities. To aid in raising the bar for the industry of CPD Accreditation Bodies, The CPD Group believe that the current ‘blanket’ approach to accreditation, applied by many CPD Accreditation Bodies in the marketplace, is outdated and simply does not provide the level of validity required by consumers of CPD. To combat this, The CPD Group have introduced the most robust Accreditation process yet, which they apply to each and every CPD Activity they receive. Their accreditation process puts CPD activities through a strict assessment process that ensures their suitability to support a professional’s continuing development.

Everything The CPD Group accredits must meet all the Framework criteria, and they go above and beyond to offer advice and guidance for customers to ensure they can meet these requirements. They also provide Accreditation for Employers who are ‘Committed to CPD’ and can evidence they provide ongoing development opportunities for new and existing members of staff.

The CPD Group also work very closely with The CPD Register, submitting all accreditations offered to the international directory of all things CPD. This gives additional exposure to their clients, while offering a single directory that employers and individuals alike can visit to verify the CPD Accreditation status of a particular CPD Provider/Activity/Trainer at the click of a button.

To continue their growth, The CPD Group are travelling around the UK for The CPD Roadshow. This brings a perfect opportunity for their customers to network, meet likeminded people in the industry and learn about services which may be of interest to them. The exhibitors aim to provide all guests with a valuable, educational experience to aid their continuing professional development and business practices.

The CPD Group won the “Best Professional Development & Trainer Accreditation Organisation 2022” due to their consistent approach to supporting organisations and individuals through their continued professional development whilst continuing to be innovators within the industry to raise CPD standards across the world.