TAWI’s vacuum lifting equipment prevents injury at work

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Manual handling of heavy goods can be a physically demanding and potentially hazardous task. However, TAWI’s vacuum lifting equipment can provide a safe and efficient alternative for workers.

How does vacuum lifting technology work?

Vacuum lifters work by creating a vacuum between the suction cups and the surface of the material, creating a secure grip. The lifting equipment can then easily lift and move the material without the need for manual handling. This can help reduce the risk of injury and strain on workers’ backs, shoulders, and arms.

Working with heavy and bulky goods

Vacuum lifting equipment is particularly useful in
industries where heavy and bulky materials are frequently handled, such as
construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. It can also increase productivity
by reducing the time needed for manual handling and allowing workers to focus
on other tasks

Improving the quality of work

In addition to reducing the risk of injury, vacuum lifters can also help improve the quality of work. With a better grip on the material, there is less risk of damage or dropping, saving time and money on repairs or replacements.

Matt Baker, UK Sales Manager states, “Vacuum lifting equipment is an excellent investment for businesses looking to improve worker safety and efficiency while reducing the risk of injury to the body and damage to goods.

We provide an onsite inspection, and installation service as well as full training for all those employees who will be using the equipment. Our vacuum lifting systems are easy to manoeuvre and handle which simplifies the onboarding and training process, empowering staff to work more effectively and with confidence.”

Although many companies have adopted methods of handling items and loads in the workplace, some require manual handling. This means that employees will need to use their strength to lift, load, push and pull products from one area to another. Introducing vacuum lifting technology into a warehouse environment can prevent injuries and ensure the workforce remains safe and productive.

TAWI will exhibit at this year’s Health and Safety show at the NEC, 26-27 April.

Visit our stand and find out more: Hall 3, Stand D10

For more information:  www.tawi.com/en-gb