‘Take 5’ with Mandy Bagot, Outsourcing Director

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Please join us in welcoming, Mandy Bagot, who has joined us as our new Outsourcing Director having previously worked at Silver Levene and Grunberg & Co.

Mandy brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from over 30 years in working in accountancy practices and also in industry. She also has experience of running her own business, the Cloud Bookkeeping franchise, which led her to win Growing Franchisor of the Year in both 2012 and 2013 before she sold in 2018. Mandy has also spoken at the Business Show ExCel and Lloyds bank on both remote working and franchising.

Mandy is particularly passionate about cloud-based working and is adept at explaining complex matters without the jargon. She enjoys learning about her clients’ businesses so that she can suggest ways to make their lives easier with thorough financial information whilst keeping up to date with the latest technology and developments so she can offer the best advice to her clients.

What is your approach to Outsourcing?

I get to know the client and their industry, looking at ways to automate as much as possible. I then train the client to do as much as possible themselves to keep costs down which empowers them, we respect and work to client’s deadlines. I have a great working relationship with clients and throughout the process I always try not to overpromise, especially regarding software migration and implementation timelines. I also ensure we have a great outsourcing team and that we are transparent with regards to our fees, which goes a long way to reinforce the trust in our relationship.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Driven, energetic and happy!

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Working with a team (especially across the four offices), learning about software developments that will improve and advance both our offering and what our clients do (such as Al), and I love helping clients to work smarter using digital software and apps. I look forward to Monday morning as I work with such nice people.

Favourite holiday destination?
Mauritius – I’ve visited over 15 times over the years and my children are half Mauritian, so I still have family there who we visit; they are lovely people, and the beaches aren’t bad either…

A random fact about you?
I’m a salsa dancer!