Simon Cox and Michelle Ovens CBE

Support Small Businesses and add value to your community

Northamptonshire membership organisation NNBN are calling for local people to consider shopping local this month as we head towards the festive season and heading into tomorrow’s Small Business Saturday campaign.

Small Business Saturday UK is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities.


The day itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year, but the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses.


On Small Business Saturday, customers across the U.K. go out and support all types of small businesses, online, in offices and in stores. Many small businesses take part in the day by hosting events and offering discounts.


NNBN’s support for the campaign this year includes features on businesses around Northamptonshire and includes Jeyes of Earls Barton, Rushden Escape Rooms, Wine Chateau in Wellingborough and others from around the County and will see features published on line and across social media.


Here in Northamptonshire, both North Northamptonshire and West Northamptonshire Councils are offering free parking in towns across the County to encourage local people to shop local as part of the campaign and build up to the festive season and the Hi Santa campaign is in full flow in North Northamptonshire where local people can explore their local businesses by taking part in the trail which can be found here –


But the Small Business Saturday campaign isn’t just designed for one day, it’s here to leave an ever lasting impact on small businesses to encourage local people to shop local all year round.

NNBN Director Simon Cox said “Wherever you turn, wherever you go you will always find a small business here in the UK.

Supporting small businesses and shopping local encompasses more than mere transactions; it’s about investing in the core of communities and nurturing a robust, flourishing economy. The significance of opting for local businesses spans various crucial aspects:

Local businesses serve as the heartbeat of communities, imparting a distinctive character and allure to our towns and villages. They are pivotal in job creation, sponsoring local events, and infusing capital directly back into the community, playing an integral role in maintaining the growth and vitality of cherished locales.

Small businesses often offer an unparalleled level of personalised service that larger corporations struggle to match. They establish personal connections, recognising customers by name, understanding their preferences, and providing tailor-made solutions. This personal touch fosters relationships built on trust and care, forming the cornerstone of a thriving local economy.

One of the defining traits of local businesses is their propensity to showcase unique, handcrafted products that mirror the area’s culture and creativity. Supporting these businesses allows individuals to unearth exclusive items, thereby contributing to a more diverse and vibrant marketplace that celebrates local artistry.

The environmental impact of buying from local businesses is noteworthy. As products don’t traverse long distances, there’s a notable decrease in transportation-related emissions, promoting a sustainable shopping experience that’s gentler on the environment.

Money spent at local businesses tends to circulate within the community, providing a significant boost to the local economy. This financial circulation supports various other local enterprises, from suppliers to service providers, generating a positive multiplier effect that fortifies the economic fabric of the region.”

To learn more about NNBN’s support of the Small Business Saturday campaign, visit

Pictured: NNBN’s Simon Cox with Michelle Ovens CBE, Director of the Small Business Saturday campaign in the UK pictured at the launch of the 2018 campaign

Photo credit: Joseph Madden