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One of the UK’s leading producers of alcoholic beverages relies upon a dedicated Stertil Koni heavy-duty 4-post vehicle lift to streamline the maintenance and servicing of a mixed fleet of more than 60 fork lift trucks.

“Our ST4120 heavy-duty 4-post lift is one of the most popular models in our extensive range,” says Tony Edge, General Manager of Stertil Koni. “Its unique combination of versatility, reliability and exceptional performance makes it a winner in busy vehicle workshops across the globe.”


The hydraulically-operated 4-post lift, type ST4120FLT, provides a safe lifting capacity up to 12 tonnes and has been specially designed to accommodate the widest range of fork lift trucks. These features include a unique combination of fully-adjustable platforms for differing axle widths plus a low drive-on height and super low wedge-style run up ramps. The lift’s platforms are available in lengths from 4.77 metres up to 10 metres. These wide platforms have an extremely low drive-on height, suitable for low ground clearance vehicles. With an optional central platform, the ST4120 is also the ideal vehicle lift for 3-wheeled forklift trucks.


The unique design of the Stertil Koni ST4120 incorporates four robust hydraulic cylinder posts which can each lift 4,500kg. For optimum safety, the lift encompasses a range of features including an electronic synchronisation system that continuously monitors the position of all cylinders to ensure safe, smooth and level lifting and lowering. This is supported by an independent, gravity-operated locking mechanism that prevents unexpected lowering. Also, the robust and reliable hydraulics system is protected by automatic pressure relief and hose burst valves.

An operational unit containing the control box and hydraulic pump is located adjacent to the ST4120 4-post lift to allow instant accessibility by workshop technicians using simple push buttons to control all movements of the lift. The lift provides a maximum lifting height of 1890mm which is achieved in just 90 seconds, making it one of the fastest heavy-duty vehicle lifts on the market.

For applications requiring longer vehicles to be lifted, the ST4120 is available in a tandem configuration. This option is provided by installing two lifts in line which may be operated individually or together and is the ideal solution to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles such as buses and low-loaders.