Shared Culture – What matters most

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This week I am working with clients on the culture within their businesses and more specifically, how to use culture to help retain staff and increase their engagement and commitment.

You may have a great vision for your business and think you have built a great culture, but the simple fact is, unless you take your team with you, you are wasting your time – and theirs come to think of it!

So here is a quick tip to help you run a session on culture:

Set aside a half-day with your whole team to work specifically on culture. Print or write out your vision, mission, and culture statements as large as you can and ask people to answer the following 3 questions.

– Are there any attributes missing from our culture that we might need to deliver our mission, … or any that we need to reframe?
– Which elements of culture are we succeeding at right now, and which need more focus and effort?
– What ideas can we come up with to embody our culture better in our day-to-day tasks?

Follow these simple steps in conjunction with the rest of our ‘FLOW- Retain’ module and you will have shown your team that you value their opinions, and you will have helped retain the very people who will serve your business and its customers – I literally guarantee it.

Check out more details on our website and book a free discovery call to hear more.”