Seven-in-one to go: new chainflex series for e-loop saves 35% cable cost in hanging service loops

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Tested, safe cable package
with motor, data and hybrid cables for offshore e-loop, from igus

igus has developed the e-loop, a
chain to support hanging installations in extremely challenging applications,
such as deep drilling oil and gas rigs. The extremely robust energy chain
system safely guides cables vertically and is already replacing more and more
service loops (using unprotected cables) worldwide. Plus, with the new
CFSPECIAL.5 series, there is now also an igus cable range to match the e-loop,
where seven chainflex cables combined can deliver cost savings of 35%.

To guide cables safely in hanging
applications and harsh outdoor environments, the igus e-loop was developed as
an alternative to the frequently used “service loop”. In a service loop the
cables have no guide and no defined bend radius, so they have limited movement
and can break if the bend radius is exceeded. When servicing or repairing, the
complete service loop must be replaced, incurring very high costs.

As an extremely resilient
multi-axis energy supply system, the e-loop combines the advantages of a
polymer energy chain with a high-strength pull rope. The rope absorbs the
tensile forces inside the chain and transmits them to the mounting brackets.
The modular e-chain has a defined bend radius and withstands vibrations and
shocks thanks to PU protectors – ideal for use in drilling rigs or bucket wheel
excavators. For a cable to match the e-loop, igus introduces the CFSPECIAL.5
cable series.

Chain, cable, guarantee,
assembly: everything from one source

The cable package for the e-loop
has been available since mid-2021 and consists of seven different types of
cable: three single core cables of different cross sections, a protective
conductor, two data cables and a hybrid cable. The chainflex cables are based
on current top drive systems on the market and the package is continuously
adapted. All chainflex cables are available without minimum order quantity. The
packages are available as a catalogue part, meaning the usual lengthy and
expensive custom production is not necessary. As the igus complete package
consists of chain, cable, harnessing and installation, the customer benefits
from the delivery of the full system from a single source and the guarantee
that all components are ideally matched. Thorough testing in the 3,800sq m test
laboratory means that igus can certify this.
And in addition, igus has calculated the harnessed readychain system reduces
procurement time by almost 90% and assembly time by 68%.

e-loop series comes in range of sizes

The e-loop series is available in different sizes and variants, including a version with crossbars at every second link. The new design is used statically, e.g., in oil drilling rigs for supplying energy from the mast to the power container. The e-loop is also available with rollers and handle modules so that it can be easily moved from A to B across the ground at commercial docks and quays. igus offers a “drop safe” version with additional screw locking as well as a stainless steel bracket option.

More information and videos about the CFSPECIAL cable series for Top Drives can be found at