SCCYC – Connecting Critical Communities

Member News

Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC) is launching a new 3-year Covid-19 programme, ‘Connecting Critical Communities’ to support disadvantaged and vulnerable communities impacted by the pandemic.

The programme will provide continued responsive support to meet critical needs, and new services towards Covid-19 recovery and resilience for the future.

They have set up a steering group to lead the programme and are in the process of setting up leadership roles for all services. If you are interested in leading, please contact Pindy Kaur, email: or mobile: 07770 088568.

SCCYC is an established, innovative organisation that provides quality services to local and BAME communities of Northamptonshire. SCCYC has been recognised for its significant voluntary contribution through receiving the ‘Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2020 – MBE for Voluntary Groups’.

Formed in 1996, they serve the residents of Northamptonshire, with particular focus on the inner Town Centre, St James, and Castle Wards, as well as the Sikh Community and BAME communities of Northamptonshire. Most of our beneficiaries reside in the lowest 1%-10% indices of multiple deprivation in the town that suffer from poverty, health inequalities, migration challenges, and cultural inequalities.