‘Safety of buildings could be at risk’ as financial crisis threatens asbestos industry

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LEADING asbestos consultancy Acorn Analytical Services says it fears the safety of aging public buildings such as schools and hospitals could be at risk as the financial crisis wreaks havoc throughout the asbestos industry.

Ian Stone, Director of Acorn Analytical Services, which has branches in Northampton, Cleckheaton, Wolverhampton, Leeds and London, believes that many asbestos businesses could be facing financial hardship at a time when highly-skilled professionals are needed more than ever.

Despite being banned from new buildings more than 20 years ago, asbestos still exists in many older buildings including factories, hospitals and even schools where it poses a significant risk to health if it isn’t managed carefully.

Ian explained: “Never has there been so much upheaval in the asbestos industry leaving clients high and dry and potentially at risk.

“As the year has unfolded, several large asbestos consultancies have faced financial difficulties and as recently as this week, a number of companies have headed past the point of no return, leaving clients up and down the country without the vital support they need to deal with asbestos – a highly toxic material which is hidden in many older homes and public buildings.

“If you are responsible for a building which was built before 1999 you must check for the presence of asbestos – not doing so could prove a costly mistake and potentially put lives at risk.

“Acorn Analytical Services is fully independent, robust and resilient and in a strong position to ride out any volatility in the market. We have already supported lots of clients by transferring them to Acorn and we stand ready to help any businesses in need of our support.”

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