RYG Films Launches Sponsorship Scheme to Empower Kids in Care

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Last year RYG Films had the good fortune to begin a working partnership with Warts and All Theatre Company. They are a non-profit organisation run by Northampton-based professional theatre practitioners. Their mission is to make quality, creative projects accessible to all young people, regardless of their background and economic situation. Warts and All Theatre are currently celebrating their fifth year; you can read all about their successes here:


This year we are taking the Speak Your Truth project to a group of young people currently in the Care system. Speak Your Truth gives the young people involved a platform to create a film collaboratively with a professional, practising artist and RYG Films. They get full autonomy over the content, how it is delivered and what message they want to send out. It is vital for their involvement in this project that each of the young people have access to a mobile phone with a quality camera. As you can imagine, without a traditional home environment, often children in care do not have their own mobile phones, nor can they ‘borrow’ a parent or guardian’s phone, as previous participants have done.

With your help, we are hoping to obtain a small collection of mobile phones that Warts and All Theatre can loan to the participants in need. Each sponsorship of a mobile phone will cost just £145.00. In return for your sponsorship, you or your business will be included in all credits in relation to the Speak Your Truth films. Plus, you will be featured on a webpage on both Warts and All Theatre’s website and RYG Film’s website, for 12 months.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one or more phones, please contact Emma at RYG Films and she will be happy to answer any questions.

RYG Films are an established video production company based in Northampton. RYG Films have worked with hundreds of small to medium companies; creating high quality promotional videos for websites and social media. They also specialise in collaborations with artistic organisations such as the Barbican Centre in London, creating thought-provoking, innovative performance-based video content.

This sponsorship scheme would not be possible without the support from BTS (UK) www.btsuk.net