Route1 Group Expands Operations with a New Warehouse Depot in Gloucester

Route1 Group Expands Operations with a New Warehouse Depot in Gloucester


In a strategic move to enhance its logistical capabilities, Route1 Group is thrilled to announce the opening of a new warehouse depot in Gloucester. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to providing top-notch logistics solutions and further solidifies its position in the industry.


Reasons Behind the New Depot:


  • Geographic Expansion: Gloucester, strategically located in the southwest of England, offers a key geographical advantage. The new depot allows Route1 Group to broaden its reach and better serve clients in the region.


  • Increased Capacity: The logistics industry demands adaptability and scalability. The additional depot in Gloucester provides Route1 Group with increased storage capacity, enabling the handling of a larger volume of goods and facilitating more efficient operations.


  • Reduced Transit Times: Proximity to major transportation routes and key distribution hubs enables Route1 Group to reduce transit times. This not only enhances the speed of deliveries but also contributes to a more responsive and agile logistics network.


  • Market Demand: The decision to open a new warehouse depot is a response to the growing demand for Route1 Group’s services. By strategically placing depots, the company ensures it can meet the evolving needs of its diverse clientele.


  • Strategic Partnerships: Establishing a presence in Gloucester allows Route1 Group to forge strategic partnerships with local businesses, suppliers, and distribution networks. This strengthens the company’s network and fosters collaborative opportunities.


Benefits for Clients:


  • Faster Deliveries: Clients in the Gloucester region and surrounding areas will benefit from expedited delivery times, thanks to the proximity of the new depot.


  • Improved Service Coverage: The new depot enhances Route1 Group’s service coverage, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive logistical support across a wider geographic area.


  • Enhanced Flexibility: With increased capacity and an additional location, Route1 Group can offer clients more flexible solutions, accommodating varying storage needs and handling diverse logistical requirements.


  •  Streamlined operations and reduced transit times contribute to cost-efficiency, allowing Route1 Group to provide competitive pricing to its clients.


This expansion not only signifies the company’s commitment to growth but also underscores its dedication to providing clients with unparalleled logistics solutions. The Gloucester depot stands as a testament to Route1 Group’s continuous efforts to innovate, adapt, and excel in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.


Explore Route1 Group’s Core Services

Discovering Route1 Group’s core services, which unveils a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. From Same Day Time Critical Deliveries that prioritise urgency to Two-Person Home Delivery services ensuring the safe transport of bulkier items, Route1 Group stands poised as a beacon of reliability.


  1. Same Day Time Critical Delivery:
  • Emphasis on time-sensitive deliveries: The commitment to transporting and delivering goods within the same day caters to urgent shipments and time-critical deliveries.
  • Rapid response: The ability to collect and deliver anywhere in the UK within 1 hour of booking demonstrates a swift and responsive service.


  1. Two-Person Delivery:
  • Specialised handling for larger or heavier items: The focus on larger home items like sofas and beds indicates a capability to handle bulky and fragile goods with care.
  • Dedicated and trained team: The mention of a robust, highly trained team underscores the importance of professionalism and expertise in handling deliveries.


  1. Multi-Drop Parcel Delivery:
  • Route efficiency and optimisation: Using a single delivery vehicle for multiple stops showcases our technical ability and experienced team to deliver efficient delivery processes.
  • Environmental consideration: The optimisation of routes saves the customer money and minimises carbon emissions, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.


  1. Fulfilment:
  • End-to-end order management: Your fulfilment service covers the complete process, from receiving and processing orders to managing inventory and ensuring timely delivery.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Route1 operates from two warehouses. Our headquarters and 50,000 sqft warehouse in Northampton, which also has a large docking area to accommodate our expanding vehicle fleet. Plus, our new Cross-dock 4,000 sqft warehouse facility in Gloucester, which opened this week, demonstrates Route1’s commitment to an advanced infrastructure to support efficient operations.


We understand your business thrives when you can focus on your core competencies without being bogged down by logistical intricacies. That’s where our bespoke and tailored solutions come into play. We specialise in taking all the logistic heavy lifting (literally) off your shoulders, seamlessly managing your items’ storage, fulfilment, and delivery from points A to B. Our commitment goes beyond mere logistics — we offer the support of our experienced team to ensure cost efficiency and deliver nothing short of 5-star excellence, which allows your business to grow. By choosing Route1 Group, you empower your company to excel in what it does best while we handle the intricacies of the supply chain.


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