Right Vape –  BBC Northampton interview

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Ryan Michlig, founder and director of Right Vape, recently spoke with BBC Northampton’s Tim Wheeler in a BBC Exclusive. The segment, available on BBC Sounds, covered the dangerous rise in children illegally using unregulated disposable vapes.

Listen to the interview here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/p…

This comes after a shock discovery at a West Midlands secondary school where confiscating vapes and then were tested for their chemical contents and risk of harm. The vapes found contained lethal chemicals such as lead, nickel and chromium that can impair brain development and cause much more irreversible damage.

“The biggest surprise is that it’s taken this long for this to come out to be honest, it’s been about three years now that these products have been everywhere. I’ve done all I can as a small business to promote within reason to advocate the difference between illicit products and safe products.”

– Ryan Michlig
Our team at Right Vape has campaigned against unregulated products for 6 years, especially the disposable vapes often manufactured in China. With these products there’s no government requirement to ensure the safety of the products before they reach the global market. This is especially harmful within the EU and UK, where strict regulatory requirements must be followed for all products manufactured in these regions.As Ryan stated, “It’s a whole system of problems”, in response to Tim asking whether the colourful designs and fruit flavours were the major component in getting kids hooked. The visual and flavour profiles of these vaping products is only the cusp. Many contain additives including higher flavour concentrations than the regulated vaping liquids currently present in the market. The whole notion of ‘safe vaping’ is based upon first and foremost, adults over 18, using legally approved products. With Right Vape we start with a consultation, during which we discuss your current smoking habits and offer a Carbon Monoxide breath test resulting in a nicotine strength and device that suits you. We do not recommend vaping to anyone who is not already a smoker, this can lead to nicotine addiction due to the lack of knowledge on strengths and impulsivity of vaping for the sake of it.