Prodas™ 2555: our new recyclable pocket spring adhesive

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Beardow Adams has developed a recyclable pocket spring adhesive, to meet the growing environmental needs of the mattress industry. After listening to customer demands for a sustainable and recyclable pocket spring adhesive, that still delivered a strong and lasting bond, we developed Prodas 2555.

Today, there are increasing demands for manufacturers in the mattress industry to offer takeback services and to invest in recycling technologies and sustainable products. Mattresses are bulky and therefore contribute disproportionately to landfill waste. By 2030 there will be strict rules in place to reduce municipal waste in the European Union, a measure that will be mirrored by many other countries around the world. Pocket spring manufacturers have an important role to play here: using products that increase recycling efficiency and therefore support the move to sustainability, is something that is possible with Prodas 2555.

Prodas 2555 was developed to meet industry demands for an adhesive that would allow customers to reduce their environmental impact, whilst still delivering a strong and excellent bond. The adhesive can be recycled with non-woven fabric at the end of its life cycle, and then reused to make more pocket springs – providing a complete cradle-to-cradle (C2C) solution. The hot melt is well suited to fast production speeds and provides good adhesion to higher and lower grammage non-woven substrates. Excellent high and low temperature performance ensures good exportability and the adhesives’ flexibility allows bonds to withstand both roll packing, and transport to different markets across varying climates.

Our Prodas 2555 is not just a product but is backed by a dedicated service team that is able to advise manufacturers and help them achieve full cradle-to-cradle certification. This allows manufacturers to demonstrate their eco-design credentials to customers and to differentiate themselves from their competition.

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