Plastic guide channel protects cables with smallest bending radii and saves costs

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New small rotary module for
robots, handling and camera systems saves up to 73% cost

It’s lightweight, compact and
made entirely of plastic: the new Polymer Rotation Module (or PRM) rotary
energy supply system from igus. igus has now developed a system comprising a
polymer energy chain and a low-friction plastic guide channel especially for
rotational movements of cables and hoses. Users can increase the service life
of their machines and cable systems and save up to 73% in purchasing costs
compared to a comparable steel guide channel. The new PRM e-chain system
expands igus’ range of complete sets that can be ordered directly online.

For cameras, robots or handling
systems with rotary movements to be able to carry out their work 24/7, the
cables must be well protected. In addition to slip rings, rotary energy guides
are often used to move cables and hoses safely when rotating through 360
degrees. “In our previous rotary modules, the chain always lay down in a
steel channel,” says Justin Leonard e-chain director at igus UK. “The
channel or trough was often complex and costly, which was not attractive for
users of smaller applications in particular.”

igus has now developed an
e-channel especially for compact rotary movements made of special igus
wear-resistant and durable high-performance plastic. The result is a system
that is up to 73% more cost-effective that is also up to 85% lighter than a
steel channel. An additional advantage is that the plastic trough is
corrosion-proof. In igus’s test laboratory, the complete plastic system
demonstrated long service-life, withstanding over three million double strokes
per test.

Complete energy chain system
can be ordered directly online

The igus rotary control guides
perform particularly well against slip rings because the cables run in a
defined and protected movement. In addition, several different media can be
guided together. The chain can be modified at any time and cables can be quickly
replaced if maintenance is needed.

Sizes and variants: The new PRM rotary energy supply system consisting of an
energy chain, a split plastic guide channel and strain relief, is available
from 200mm to 500mm outer diameter directly from the igus online shop as a
complete set. Customers can also purchase ready-made kits for linear travel
distances of 8 to 200 metres. These consist of a robust E4.1 series energy
chain, the corresponding attachment brackets, strain reliefs, dividers, a guide
channel with or without gliding rail, matching installation sets and an igus
screwdriver. If the energy chain is no longer in use due to the service life of
the machine and system, igus will take back the chains and recycle them (with
the same grade of plastic). In return, the user receives a credit note based on
the net weight.

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