Order: storage for small spaces with the new chainflex CASE S cable box from igus

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Save 50% space: new, smaller
igus CASE S joins chainflex CASE M for storing cable reels, especially for
thinner cables.

To reduce the space required for
storing cables, better and smarter logistics solutions for cable drums are
being sought. And now the new chainflex “CASE S” from igus means lack of
warehouse space is a thing of the past. The cable box is an addition to the
larger CASE M, and makes it easy to unreel cables directly from the box – even
on the go. With the smaller CASE S, storage and transport is now even easier,
because customers save 50% storage space while retaining 100% of the benefits.

With the CASE M, motion plastics
specialist igus has already developed a special logistics solution for its
chainflex cables in 2020 so that users can save both shipping and storage
costs. The chainflex CASE is a carton made of 100% recyclable materials that
enables cable drum shipping without a pallet, meaning the cable can be sent by
parcel delivery. At the same time, the CASE serves as a storage system for
cable reels. chainflex cables can be unreeled directly from the box and cut to
the desired length.

Setting up a more space-saving
storage system for cables quickly and cost-effectively is now even easier
thanks to the new chainflex CASE S. “We have
noticed that the market needs a more compact solution for storing and
transporting cables by the metre for thin cables or shorter cable lengths,”
says Justin Leonard, director of chains and e-chain products at igus UK. “With
the new CASE S, we are now offering a new, smaller sized cable box, saving 50%
of the packaging and users need 50% less storage space for their drum

Easy handling while on the

With chainflex CASE M and S,
customers do not need a shelving system to suspend their cable drums. Both
sizes are compatible with each other, meaning customers can easily stack the
cable boxes on top of each other and thus build flexible storage facilities,
and the storage space of the smaller CASE S can be used even more effectively. In addition, users also save costs with shorter cable lengths
compared to the chainflex CASE M with a maximum filling of 200 metres.

CASE S’s compact size also pays
off when on the move. The storage system is mobile and, thanks to its smaller
size, can now be transported even more easily in a car and, for example, can
also be used directly on building sites. Chainflex CASES are already proving a
popular logistics solution, especially for service technicians and in the
service area of factories. Due to the integrated drum, in contrast to cable
laying with a spiral-free cable filling of an energy chain is possible, which
is the basis for long service life in the e-chain.

Reorder with the QR code

When the cable is used up, customers can reorder their cables on the web in just a few seconds by using an individual QR code on the shipping box. This not only saves shipping and storage costs, but also process costs. More than 850 cable types are available in the chainflex CASE. With the whole chainflex range, customers receive flexible and robust cables that fulfil many various applications with high speeds and accelerations, long travel distances and the most adverse environmental influences.

In numerous tests in igus’s 3,800m2 test laboratory, these cables continuously prove their longevity. From this data, their service life can also be precisely calculated in just a few clicks via an online tool. “Thanks to our extensive tests and more than 30-years of experience, we can also give customers a guarantee of up to 36 months or 10 million double strokes on our cables” adds Justin. “And we were the first German-owned company to have this promise validated by the world-renowned testing organisation “Underwriters Laboratories” (UL).”