Only 7 countries on the Red List

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Red-list countries are those the government says should not be visited “except in the most extreme of circumstances”.
There are now only seven destinations on the red list:

Dominican Republic

If you have been in one of these countries in the last 10 days, you cannot travel to the UK.
The only exception is if you are a UK or Irish national, or UK resident – in which case you need to:

Take a Covid-19 test before departure for the UK

Complete a passenger locator form

Self-isolate on arrival in the UK for 10 days in a quarantine hotel, paid in advance

These rules apply whether or not you have been fully vaccinated.
Rates for quarantine hotels are:

10 days (11 nights) for one adult, £2,285
Additional adult (age 12+), £1,430
Children aged five to 11, £325