Not-For-Profit Financial Services Provider says New Supplier Invoice Processing System has “Solved all Our Problems”

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Lendology, a not-for-profit financial services provider that has positively impacted over 1,500 households, has found that Agilico’s Verify automated invoice processing solution has transformed their business.

Agilico, with a regional office in Blisworth, Northamptonshire, is a workplace technology provider helping businesses across the UK to make work easy.

Lendology needed a solution that could help them stay in control of where invoices are going for processing and approval, as well as being able to evidence that an invoice has been correctly processed for their auditors.

Despite being small, they have fairly complex accounting requirements and processes. Their previously manual invoice process was too time-consuming, and they lacked confidence that every invoice had been correctly approved before being paid.

To solve this, they initially installed another well-known invoice processing system, however, this was only able to capture invoices and post them to their finance system, Sage 50. It could not do the all-important approval routing and controls they needed to ensure correct processing. So they looked for a new system.

Anna Osborne, Lendology’s Commercial and Finance Director discovered Verify and booked a demo immediately. She said, “As soon as we saw a demo we knew right away that Verify was the system that would solve our problems.”

Following the implementation of Verify, Anna knows she has a system in place that is both perfect for Lendology’s current needs but can also grow with the business.

She can control exactly where each invoice goes using Verify’s easy-to-set-up and configure approval routes, and she can prove to auditors that every invoice has been correctly processed. Attached to each document within Verify, Anna can see exactly who has taken actions on each invoice and when, and is safe in the knowledge that they can pass audits with flying colours.

It has also come in handy for the rest of the business too, not just the finance department, as Anna explains: “When the team receive an invoice, we tell them, don’t write anything on the email, just forward the invoice over to our designated email address. This has saved time for the rest of the company as well.”

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Agilico’s software division is based in their Northampton office, where they develop the well-known on-premises software solutions Invu Document Management, Invu Accounts Payable, and Invu Purchasing, as well as the cloud-based invoice processing solution Agilico Verify. Verify uses intelligent data capture and automated invoice routing to save many businesses time and money, enabling them to take back control of their finances and make work easy.

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