Northampton Software Company Celebrates their First Anniversary as a part of the Agilico Group

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Invu, now known as Agilico Software Limited, celebrates its first anniversary as a part of the Agilico Group today, 15th November 2022.

The workplace software company, best known for its Invu Document Management and business process automation solutions, has found the acquisition beneficial to the business and allowed them to develop its software further and push its solutions to Agilico’s 11,000-strong customer base.

Agilico, traditionally known as a managed print provider across the UK, has undertaken many acquisitions over the past ten years, with the aim of becoming the largest independent managed print provider in the UK, and expanding its product portfolio to better reach its customer’s needs.

Since its first acquisition in 2013, Agilico is well known for its 5-star customer service record and ability to choose the best technology for the job for its customers. Now, Agilico’s solutions range from managed print and copier services to telecoms and IT solutions, to now business process automation software services thanks to the Invu acquisition just one year ago.

Since the acquisition, Invu and its software offerings has come on leaps and bounds, as Paul Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer at Agilico, explains: “The whole team at Invu have been central to Agilico’s cross-sell activity and have continuously achieved great leaps forward with the Verify product, to allow us to sell and grow our business into many sectors. We have also enhanced the Invu Document management product, enabling us to remain competitive and service an excellent customer base. I am extremely proud of what all of the Invu team has achieved and it was an absolute pleasure joining the team this week to celebrate being part of Agilico for one year. I look forward to many more great years ahead.”

Ian Smith, the previous Finance Director of Invu and now Finance Director of the IT & Telco division at Agilico, adds: “I am really impressed by the increasing speed of development from the Northampton-based team, which, since the acquisition, has rapidly transformed the capabilities of the Verify software, extending its focus considerably.”

A couple of weeks ago, the Northampton office celebrated its first anniversary as a part of Agilico at the Briary Barn Café, situated on the business site in Blisworth where their office is located. As photographed, there was a successful turnout, and many of the previous Invu employees commented on how fast time has flown, and how easily they found it to adapt to the Agilico landscape.

Visit the Agilico website here to learn more about Agilico and how their product offering can help make work easy for your business.