Member News

The future is something we are all intrigued about especially with technology and environmentally friendly ways of working coming into every day business life.

NNBN are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Merged Futures 4 event taking place at the University of Northampton on Friday 17th June where Co-Director Simon Cox will be on hand to demonstrate some of the work NNBN has been doing in the North Northamptonshire business community.

Simon said “NNBN has been created to help businesses, organisations and charities engage. We’ve created an advertising platform with the NNBN Digital publication and the NNBN Digital App which is helping our members get seen and get out there.”

“If ever we go back through a pandemic or something similar, we have a ready built platform ready for local businesses and organisations where they can keep up to date with what’s happening around North Northamptonshire and feel safe as the news we are sharing, as well as details of local events is all within the App and mobile phones which people feel comfortable around.”

“We will be displaying our NNBN Digital publication on the screen and people can find out how they can engage with NNBN at Merged Futures 4.”

For more information on Merged Futures 4, visit here: https://digitalnorthampton.com/mergedfutures