New Construction Club launched for National Tradesmen Day

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A new ‘club’ for sharing information within the construction industry has been launched to mark National Tradesmen Day (Friday 16th

The Construction Club, created by Parm Bhangal of My Build Estimate, is a WhatsApp group consisting of 171 builders, homeowners, and property developers.

It provides a place for people to communicate and ask questions about the construction industry and building projects. Participants can compare costs, share best practice and offer networking opportunities.

The group was developed to mark National Tradesmen Day, an event created to show appreciation to tradespeople and the essential services they offer.

Parm Bhangal said: “We speak to builders, homeowners and property developers every day, but we often found that they weren’t able to communicate with each other. There simply wasn’t an easy, practical way to do that.

“It became clear there was a real need for a forum where they could informally ask questions of each other, gauge opinions and communicate in a way which moves the industry forward.

“With our contacts and knowledge of the industry, here at My Build Estimate we were in the ideal position to set up this WhatsApp group and allow participants to easily reach out to each other with questions, ideas and networking opportunities.

“And what better time to choose, than National Tradesmen Day. Tradespeople form the backbone of the construction industry and provide the tools, experience and skillset to underpin a thriving housing market.

“We’ve seen numerous people helped through the group already. A problem which could perhaps have been causing a costly and stressful headache for one person, is easily remedied with a quick piece of advice from another.”

For more information, and to find out how to join the Construction Club, visit