New chainflex cable improves the safety of machines with Fanuc drives

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igus expands its chainflex servo cable CF270.UL.D family with a new
e-chain cable designed for Fanuc motors

In the machine tool industry, many users worldwide rely on Fanuc motors,
drives and controls. In order to supply the drives with fail-safe energy, igus has
now developed a new highly flexible servo cable. The cable is specially
designed for the dynamic demands when used in energy chains and the cable
has an oil-resistant PUR jacket, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval and
a UL-verified certified warranty promise of up to 36-months.

The servo cable connects a machine to its drive source and sets it in motion,
so it is of particular importance in the machinery industry. When such cables
are used in energy chains, they must be fail-safe, highly flexible, durable, and
oil-resistant and at the same time meet various standards and certifications for
use internationally. With its CF270.UL.D family of cables, igus offers 32
different cable cross-section options suitable for 24 drive manufacturers.

igus has now expanded the series further with a new cable for the Fanuc βiseries motors with a (6G1.0)C type. “We offer more than 20 different chainflex
cable families for machine tools,” says John Barker, Product Manager of
chainflex cables at igus UK. “Since more and more machine builders rely on
Fanuc motors and controls, we have now developed a corresponding cable
that meets the demanding environmental conditions such as high travel
speeds and acceleration.”

The chainflex CF270.UL.10.06.D cable has an oil- and coolant-resistant PUR
outer jacket as well as DESINA compliant colour and is approved according to
the 1000 V UL AWM standard. As on all of its 1,350 chainflex products, the
motion cable specialist provides a guaranteed service life of 36-months, which
is UL-verified.

In tests in igus’s 3,800m2 laboratory in Cologne, the chainflex cable withstood
18 million strokes. Its lifetime in different applications can be determined by
using the free and easy-to-access online lifetime calculator. igus offers the
new Fanuc control either as a meter supplied directly from stock or assembled
with suitable plugs as a ready-to-connect readycable. If the user is looking for
a finished energy supply system consisting of e-chain, cables and plugs, they
can use the readychain service from igus.

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