Donation of £5000 to The Lewis Foundation from Mannol UK.

Mannol UK supports The Lewis Foundation in giving back and making a difference to cancer patients

It makes us so happy to see the positive impact that the collaborative efforts between businesses, charities, and individuals can have on the lives of those diagnosed with cancer.

The generosity of businesses like Mannol UK who are one of our Corporate Partners, as well individuals such as Chantelle Cameron can make a significant difference in providing support and comfort to cancer patients in hospital settings.

Mannol UK’s has made a surprise donation of £5000 to help cancer patients. The team and Chantelle have also spent time learning about our work, showing commitment to supporting our cause.

Mannol products have also been donated to The Lewis Foundation outlet shop in Grosvenor Shopping Northampton. This provides another opportunity to raise funds to help make a difference.

In these challenging financial times, such contributions become even more valuable. Providing distractions during treatments, giving patients something to look forward to, and assuring them that they are not alone are key aspects of cancer care.

It’s through the generosity and support of businesses, individuals, and communities that we can make a real difference in the lives of others.

Thank you to everyone involved, including the CEO Jevgenij Lyzko, MANNOL UK team and Chantelle.