group photo of the new india team with Loop Digital Luke Kennedy all smiling towards the camera

Loop Digital is excited to announce the launch of our dedicated Indian team!

In January 2024, we assembled a dynamic group of eight talented professionals in Bangalore, spanning sales, delivery, and development roles. This team is set to provide customised solutions and deep market insights, ensuring personalised service and innovative approaches for the UK market. We are very excited about the next step in our journey.

Meet our India team:

Harikanth Reddy – Our SEO wizard, marathon runner, and archaeology enthusiast.

Selva Kumar – Content maestro with a passion for novel-writing and team spirit.

Arundhati Biswas – Our creative wordsmith, Indian classical dance champion, and research savant.

Shib Shankar Bhattacharya – SEO expert and poetry lover with a knack for client campaigns.

Joseph Narasisa: The Pixel Picasso, blending tech prowess with artistic brilliance.

Nijanthan Shankar: Web magician and photography spirit walker, crafting stunning digital experiences.

Suraj Ashok Meghraj Punjabi: Sales expert with infectious enthusiasm and exceptional organisational skills.

Welcome to the Loop Digital team and its been an absolute pleasure!

Read the full announcement here: