Local Radio Stations come together for the future of digital radio across Northampton

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Local Radio stations and community organisations are being invited to come together for a joint bid for the local DAB Radio Multiplex that is currently open for applications by UK Regulator Ofcom.

The round closes in October and will see a new Small-Scale DAB (or SSDAB) platform launch across the town that will provide a way for dozens of radio stations to all broadcast on DAB to serve the people of Northampton.

Martin Steers, Station Manager of NLive Radio said “As a community focused station we are keen to bring the community together for a BID that will benefit all the local community of Northampton”

NLive Radio and Embrace, two of the local radio stations have started discussions on an entirely community owned and operated application BID for the multiplex and have invited other local stations such as Inspiration FM and Revolution Radio to join their bid for the benefit of all.

Jim Byrne, Director of Embrace said “As a local guy I believe in local radio and bringing people together to celebrate and promote Northampton”

Their vision is for the multiplex to be owned by the community, via local not for profit community focused stations so that it is run to not only provide a platform for their local stations, but other local services, and with the overall aim to benefit the Northampton community.

Paul Moore, Station Manager of Embrace Said “Embrace is one of the local radio stations in the town, and working alongside other local radio stations in collaboration makes perfect sense”

They’ve brought in the experience and expertise of Samuel Hunt from Maxxwave as technical consultant and technical provider who they have experience with providing their current FM broadcasting needs, he’s also provided support for other BIDs across the country and has a good reputation in the industry.

They are currently looking for established local community based or not for profit radio stations to join as part of their BID, but also looking for any service, local, regional, or national that might be interested in expressing an interest in broadcasting to Northampton to get in touch via hello@northamptondab.co.uk or by heading to northamptondab.co.uk