Learn How To Do Business With West Northamptonshire Council

Member News

NNBN are organising a Procurement Workshop in September for businesses, charities and organisations looking to tender or bid for local procurement opportunities.

The workshop will be delivered by the Procurement Team from West Northamptonshire Council who will be able to explain how local businesses who can serve the supply requirements of West Northamptonshire Council can apply for public sector contracts.

Taking place at Vulcan Works, this workshop is being led by Gus De Silva, Head of Procurement from West Northamptonshire Council as businesses, charities and organisations can learn what they need to do, how to bid for work and what’s required.

NNBN Director Simon Cox said “We’re delighted to be sponsoring this workshop for people wishing to understand more about tendering opportunities and public sector contracts and are inviting those with an interest in tendering and bid writing to attend our workshop.”

“We’re keen to see local money kept within our local communities and local businesses engaged with to help boost our economies and help our local communities grow.”

“It’s key, especially after the learnings from the pandemic, that communities work closer together and we’re delighted to be organising this event taking place in September at Vulcan Works.”

This workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to find out how procurement works within West Northamptonshire Council, how to find contract opportunities and how to bid for work.

If you are looking to learn more about how to grow your business through tendering and learning how to do business with West Northamptonshire Council, then book your place here.