Inspire the next generation: Real role models needed

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Have you ever thought about how you ended up in the career you have now? From ages as early as five, we’re making decisions that will impact our future career decisions. Whether that’s picking up a paintbrush for the first time, or deciding to study engineering at university, our actions have led us to where we are today.

Today, young people across the world are faced with the same decisions we were. But can you help? We’re running an initiative called: Real Role Models. For the project, we’ll be creating a range of video assets that can be used in schools and colleges to inspire and inform students.

Want to inspire a young person’s future? We’re looking for local, upbeat, inspirational people to work with a production team to create a short video providing a first-hand insight into your job role, how you got into it, the skills you needed, your top tips and insight. Interested?

To ensure we created videos aligned to the sector needs within the South East Midlands, we are initially looking for people who have been in employment for under 10 years and are currently working within:

• High performance engineering (design, development and research engineers)
• Manufacturing (maintenance engineers and technicians)
• Digital (programmers, DevOps, computer support)
• Business operations and management (from any sector, including HR, procurement, data analysis, accountancy)
• Health (nurses, physicians, psychologists)
• Education (teaching assistants and teachers)
• Logistics specific (drivers, forklift drivers, warehouse operatives)
• Construction (all trades, architects, quantity surveyors)

With equality and diversity at the heart of the South East Midlands, it’s important that we create videos that accurately represent the world we live and work in. Therefore, we are keen to include role models who are often underrepresented in their role and/or sector (gender/ethnic group/disability or learning difficulties). Your story can make a huge difference.

If you’re interested in getting involved to volunteer to inspire, please contact our Employment and Skills Manager, Paul Thompson at or call Paul on 07989 401108.